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Leading Brands of Back to School - Marketing Turkey - August-September 2019 
Social Pressure on the Baby Nutrition in Turkey: What Do Mothers Feel? 

Our founder Özge Akçizmeci Üstün have made a presentation in the 4th The Footprints of Future "First 1000 Days" Summit about challenges  the mothers faced on baby nutrition based on our research findings. To watch the video you can click here or the above visual.

Meaningful Brands - Marketing Turkey - July 2019 
The Sexuality Map of Turkey - Hürriyet Aile - May 2019
Türkiye'nin Cinsellik Haritası- Wizsight
TikTok Research - Brand Age - April 2019 
Brand Communications that Wizsight contribute in 2018 
Ideal Home Research - Marketing Türkiye - October 2018 
2018'de Yer Aldığımız Marka İletişimlerinden Örnekler
Private Label Products - Marketing Türkiye - September 2018 
Baby Boomers Research - Marketing Türkiye - September 2018
Tho Most Lovable Brands of Summer - Marketing Türkiye - June 2018
Single Marketing Research - NTV - May 2018
NTV Görsel.PNG
Single Marketing Research - Marketing Türkiye - May 2018 
Look Into The White Collars - Marketing Türkiye - April 2018
Beneficial Corporate Social Responsibilities for Women  - Marketing Türkiye - March 2018
Young Consurvatives - Marketing Türkiye - February 2018
Be Transparent or Beat It! - Marketing Türkiye - February 2018
The Most Innovative Products of 2017 - Marketing Türkiye 2017 Almanac
CNN Türk: Turkey's Relationship Map

N. Özge Akçizmeci, the founder of Wizsight and one of the partners of Poltio,discussing "The Marriage and Relationship Map of Turkey" live on CNNTurk's 'Gündem Özel' program. 

"The coolest brand in Iraq: Turkey"

Wizsight's "The Coolest Brand in Turkey: Iraq" research has been published in Marketing Türkiye, 2017 October  issue, describing the Turkish Brands' share and image, together with the roadmap in what to do. 

A+ Conservatives in Turkey

Wizsight has done a research on the A+ Conservatives in Turkey in order to understand the group's lifestyle, brand preferences, in accordance with their wealth, which also gives insight on how brands can influence Generation M. (Marketing Türkiye, 2017 November Issue)